Ten Mile Fiber is located in the rolling hills of South Western Pennsylvania near the West Virginia and Ohio state lines.


I do small batch dyeing, usually 10 or less skeins at a time in my dedicated dye studio.  I use both natural dyestuffs (Indigo, Cochineal, Madder Root, flowers and plants) as well as commercially produced professional quality dyes and pre-wash the yarn or fiber  before it is listed for sale.

My studio is a smoke free and animal friendly environment. Located on our farm, we raise our own sheep and process much of our own fleeces into batts, roving and yarn.  Certain yarn bases (primarily superwash) are purchased from other commercial mills.

Bold or extra dark hues and certain reds and yellows may have slight bleeding for the first few washes.  

The accuracy of the color in the photographs is influenced by my camera and your monitor.

If you have any questions before ordering, please contact me.